Corporate Bookings

Thinking of having a large family, community, or company staff gathering?

Hassled by the size constraints of your home and the tremendous task of cleaning up afterwards? Tropical Twist offers a sensational package for large exclusive bookings. We will open our centre just for you, whenever you like! We provide our own catering options which means you won’t have to worry about anything. Simply make a booking and bring your guests! We provide formal meals in a buffet dining environment. But if you would like it even more customised than that, then we also offer the option for you to bring your own food. If you ever wanted to have a traditional function which reflects your cultures, then this is the package for you. Think of Tropical Twist as your very own home for the duration of the booking! You can bring the food you like, and create the environment you want. We cater for all needs from traditional international foods to religious customs!

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Cool Corporate Package
Minimun two Hrs $275/Hr Kids delve into our enourmous play structure while parents share their children’s joy or relax in our dining area.This economical option doesn’t require a high number of participants to cover the cost of having a great time.You don’t bear the burden of the services you don’t use. Although you can choose these options to suit your needs.
Max. capacity 200
Cafe facilities: Open for an optional surcharge of $50/Hr


Composite Corporate Package  
Minimun two Hrs $375/Hr Hassle free formal function to accomodate hundreds of guests. Our ‘bring your own food’ flexibility keeps the standard of formal dining and still lets you arrange a traditional funtion which reflects your cultural or religious needs.You bring your own (food):
Food details: ……………. A day in adv.
Hot food arrival: …………30 mnts in adv.
Guests arrival:…………… Reception
Dinner (parents’ area):.. 30 mins after arrival
Celebraions: ……………. 90 mins after arrival
Standard session: ……….2Hrs
You need to bring disposable plates, spoons, cups etc. if you choose not to use ours.

Dinner (party’ area):……. 40 mins after arrival
Celebraions: …………….. 90 mins after arrival
Standard session: ……….2Hrs.

Cafe facilities: Open for presentation and serving of your food and anything from our cafe menu
Max. capacity 200
BYO yes
Cutlery (optional) $150


Complete Corporate Package 
Minimum guests:.
Hassle free, fully catered formal function to accomodate hundreds of guests. Customised atmosphere for family and friends’ gathering; prestigious formal environment for companies.We do the Catering:
Arrival:……………………… Reception
Dinner: ……………………..30 mnts after arrival
Celebraions: …………….. 90 mnts after arrival
Standard session: ………..2Hrs.
Dinner (party’ area):……. 40 mnts after arrival
Celebraions: …………….. 90 mnts after arrival
Standard session: ……….2Hrs.
Charges per person  
Finger Food Spring Rolls
Freshly Made Dips with Veggies/ Toasted Pitta Bread
Party Pies/
Sausage Rolls
  Options:-          Brushetta,  Veggie Stack, Smoked Salmon & Cucumber on Toasted Bread, Hand made Sushi – Tuna/Salmon/ Egg.
Wraps/Sandwiches Chicken/Beef/Ham/Egg/Salad
Salads – cucumber/Grated Carrot/Cheese/Lettuce/Tomato
Presented on plate/tray.
Hot Food Nuggets/Chips/Wedges/
Spring Roll/Mini Burgers
Mini Super Dogs. Mini Roast Beef Rolls with Horseraddish & Rocket
Dessert Seasonal Fruit Salad Cups/ Fruit Platters
Home Made Trifle
Selection of Cakes
for Kids Hot chips
Sausage Roll


Additional hours (for any of the corporate packages): $150/Hr


Chafing dishes filled with mouth watering hot food are well displayed and kept warm by lamps. All the food items are tagged and our friedly staff is their to help the guests. Hot and cold beverages are not part of the package but we happily tab all the orders if the customer asks us to do so.

Kids are always excited to have lots of fun playing in our huge multi layered play structure. They burn sufficient energy in forty minutes before coming to the party tables to have their food. Their food is served in the party area only.

For a corporate package a booking of four weeks in advance is appreciated. A depost of $200 will be required two weeks in advance.

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